The long-term effects of a criminal conviction

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Once convicted of a crime, finishing your sentence and trying to move on with your life is often overwhelming and frustrating.

When serving a sentence in prison, you lose your daily freedoms. Once your sentence is complete, your life does not return to normal. Here are several of the long-term effects of a criminal conviction:

Fewer employment opportunities

Employers are selective about their hires. Listing a criminal conviction on your application could result in failing to secure an interview for a good job. While more states are implementing a “ban the box” approach to job applications, not everyone is on board with this important step.

Limited financing opportunities

A criminal conviction impacts the perception of a person’s character and classifies the individual as a high-risk borrower. This can make securing an auto loan, mortgage or student loan difficult. You could see much higher interest rates and contract terms if approved for a loan.

Limited housing availability

With a criminal conviction, access to things like public housing assistance can be restricted. Landlords may consider you a risk with a criminal record.

Lifetime labeling

If your conviction was for sexual offenses, Pennsylvania could force you to register on a sexual offender registry. This label impacts where you can live or work and allows others to access the register and discover your conviction.

Loss of rights

You may lose your right to vote, serve in public office, own a firearm or have other rights with a criminal conviction. It depends on the severity and nature of your charges. There is life after a criminal conviction, but it is often challenging. These are just a few long-term implications of living with a criminal record.