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If I blew under .08, am I off the hook?

As many Indiana, Pennsylvania, residents and students who attend school in the area know, .08 blood alcohol content, or BAC, is what is referred to as a legal limit in this state for drunk driving purposes.

However, the term legal limit can be a bit misleading, as it is possible for a person to blow under .08 BAC, or not be tested at all, and still face a DUI charge.

Drinking underage in Pennsylvania: what is the penalty?

Many students in high school and underage individuals partake in drinking when they are under the legal age of 21. While that may be true, the state of Pennsylvania takes underage drinking seriously, which is why there are severe consequences to the act. On top of this, underage drinking and driving is a serious offense which garners even greater punishment.

According to Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), within the last month over 25 percent of individuals aged 12-20 have consumed alcohol. That statistic noted, what is the penalty for underage drinking in Pennsylvania?

Stricter DUI law takes effect in time for holidays

A new law that will allow police and prosecutors to punish some of those accused of drunk driving more harshly than in years past just went in to effect here in Pennsylvania.

College students who may be remaining in the Indiana, Pennsylvania area for the holidays, as well as locals who may have plans to celebrate the New Year, should be aware of this new law.

Protecting your future at college after a criminal charge

College is a fun and exciting time for young people in Pennsylvania, as well as time in which they are under the mounting pressures of having to live, sometimes for the first time, an adult life with adult responsibilities.

Stress and a desire to have fun can prove to be a risky combination for college students, however, especially when one throws in the alcohol and drugs that, even if illegal, are common on and around college campuses.

Anger management problems could result in assault charges

When you face an argument or upsetting event, your first instinct may be to react harshly. You may make mean comments, storm away or possibly even become physical by breaking objects or having aggressive contact with another person. If so, you could have an anger problem.

Of course, you may first think that everyone gets angry, and just because you get angrier than other people does not mean that you have a problem. However, not realizing that a problem exists is often something that individuals with anger issues experience. You may have even had moments where you wanted to react differently, but your anger got the better of you.

Overview of how diversion programs work

People who either attend college or even just are around college campuses probably realize that there is drug use going on even among students who are otherwise responsible young adults who oftentimes even are showing a lot of promise.

Unfortunately, a student in the Indiana, Pennsylvania, who get caught with drugs at a social gathering could wind up facing serious drug charges. Even for first-time offenders, convictions for charges of this nature can lead to serious consequences that extend well beyond the courtroom.

The potential consequences for underage drinking

Just because underage drinking is a common practice, particularly near and even on college campuses, it does not mean that authorities will not attempt to punish underage drinking to the fullest extent of the law.

As is the case with other campus crimes, getting convicted of an offense related to underage drinking can cause long-term consequences, even if a long stint in jail is, thankfully, not on the table.

Domestic violence convictions have serious consequences

It is no secret that many college students are that point where they either are involved in a serious romantic relationship or want to be so involved. Some college students may even be married at some point in their educational career.

While this is obviously a matter of personal choice, should these relationships sour to the point where physical violence allegedly occurs or gets threatened, the college student accused of perpetrating such violence will faces serious consequences, including charges in the local criminal courts serving Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Am I allowed to video a police encounter?

Although probably much harder to do even one generation ago, people in Pennsylvania, including college students in the Indiana area, are able to take all kinds of videos of the scenes the encounter. All they have to do is pull out their phones.

Many young people have used these opportunities to take videos of the police making arrests or otherwise having encounters with citizens. Not surprisingly, some of these encounters are confrontational or even hostile.

Drug and alcohol arrests at campuses in Pennsylvania

Certain things have the potential to have major impacts on a college student’s future. One is being arrested in connection to allegations of drug or alcohol crimes. A recent report suggests that such arrests might be a particularly common sight at Pennsylvania campuses.

The report was by Project Know. Among the things the report looked at were alcohol and drug arrests at U.S. colleges and universities. This includes both public and private schools. It did this analysis by reviewing U.S. Department of Education data regarding 2016.

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