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Domestic violence convictions have serious consequences

It is no secret that many college students are that point where they either are involved in a serious romantic relationship or want to be so involved. Some college students may even be married at some point in their educational career.

While this is obviously a matter of personal choice, should these relationships sour to the point where physical violence allegedly occurs or gets threatened, the college student accused of perpetrating such violence will faces serious consequences, including charges in the local criminal courts serving Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Am I allowed to video a police encounter?

Although probably much harder to do even one generation ago, people in Pennsylvania, including college students in the Indiana area, are able to take all kinds of videos of the scenes the encounter. All they have to do is pull out their phones.

Many young people have used these opportunities to take videos of the police making arrests or otherwise having encounters with citizens. Not surprisingly, some of these encounters are confrontational or even hostile.

Drug and alcohol arrests at campuses in Pennsylvania

Certain things have the potential to have major impacts on a college student’s future. One is being arrested in connection to allegations of drug or alcohol crimes. A recent report suggests that such arrests might be a particularly common sight at Pennsylvania campuses.

The report was by Project Know. Among the things the report looked at were alcohol and drug arrests at U.S. colleges and universities. This includes both public and private schools. It did this analysis by reviewing U.S. Department of Education data regarding 2016.

Pennsylvania man charged with assault

In a perfect world, everyone would live together in perfect harmony. However, in reality, conflict occurs between family members, co-workers, random strangers, friends and neighbors. While conflict is natural and relatively commonplace, violence as a result is not. Unfortunately, police in Pennsylvania have recently arrested a man and charged him with assault.

The incident happened on a day in August. The alleged victim was reportedly involved in some sort of dispute at a private residence -- an interaction that reports describe as a "physical altercation." Details of this dispute are unclear. Afterward another person at the residence (though apparently not the one involved in the original dispute) is said to have fired two shots into the front seat the of victim's vehicle.

What is Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition?

Pennsylvania offers Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition to residents who are charged with minor, non-violent offenses. The ARD program gives those with a clean (or very limited) record the chance to keep their record clear after completing court ordered requirements.

This pre-trial diversionary program is unique to Pennsylvania and is a common way to dispose of DUI charges in this state. The program encourages offenders to make a fresh start and offers the possibility of a clean record following successful completion of the program.

Pennsylvania man released after drunk driving charges were filed

There are numerous reasons that a Pennsylvania police officer might decide to take someone into custody following a motor vehicle accident. If the officer suspects a motorist of drunk driving, it can definitely lead to a trip to the county jail, although it does not necessarily mean that is where the person will stay. Sometimes, as in a situation that recently occurred in Cherry Creek, a defendant will be released from jail with a notice to appear in court at a later date. 

The man in this particular case is age 37. He was reportedly driving along Route 83 just before 6:30 p.m. on a recent Sunday when his vehicle veered off the road. Police who arrived on site said the man's car was stuck in a ditch when they got there.  

Can a college student have their criminal record expunged?

College is a transitional period for students. You are learning who you are and how to navigate the world, and you are living with a newfound sense of freedom. That can sometimes lead young adults to make some mistakes.

No one wants the missteps of their youth to follow them for the rest of their lives. In the event that you are charged with a crime, you may want your record to be expunged. How does it work?

What happens if I am asked to take a field sobriety test?

Most of us are familiar with field sobriety tests - the image of an intoxicated person touching their fingers to their nose can be found in popular movies and television shows. However, many people are unsure what to do if they find themselves on the side of the road reciting the ABCs backwards.

If you are pulled over for driving under the influence, it would help to know how these tests work and your rights during field testing.

16 Pennsylvania residents face drug charges

A sweep conducted by authorities in Punxsutawney have conducted a sweep for drug activity throughout Clearfield and Jefferson counties, according to local news. Pennsylvania State Police have worked in conjunction with the Jefferson County Drug Task Force and the Troop C Vice Unit to take down what they believe to be a widespread drug ring. As part of this sweep, some 16 people now face serious drug charges.

Police say the efforts toward this sweep have been progressing throughout 2018, with Troop C investigating several different cases involving the distribution of illegal drugs categorized as dangerous. While the report did not list the types of drugs the task force was targeting, Troop C was able to gather arrest warrants for 20 different people. All of these individuals are believed to be guilty of a myriad of drug crimes.

8 face drug charges in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office has announced the arrest of eight people under suspicion of involvement with the drug trade. The Cambria County District Attorney has confirmed that a drug sweep conducted with the support of the Cambria County Drug Task Force resulted in the arrests. The drug charges these individuals face are severe and could result in jail time if they are found guilty.

Very little information is available about the drug sweep, which took place on Aug. 1 in Cambria County. The sweep was prompted by growing concerns about drug trafficking in the area, and was conducted as a joint operation between several county agencies in the area. The eight people arrested, six men and two women all between the ages of 23 and 63, have been publicly identified by police, and their names have been made available to news outlets.

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