The consequences of a DUI conviction

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | Criminal Defense

A DUI arrest may leave you with questions. Your brain may reel with questions about the court costs, fines and possible jail time.

However, should you find yourself at the end with a conviction, your long-term future may face significant changes. Whether you get out of serving a jail sentence or not may depend largely on the type of DUI a court finds you guilty of committing. Before heading in to see a judge, you may want to consider the ways your future may change.

Your employment options

A DUI arrest may temporarily sidetrack your education or career path. A conviction, however, may permanently alter it. Depending on the degree of the DUI, dictated by statute and the amount of alcohol in your system, some colleges may no longer accept you. If you plan on continuing your education, you may no longer qualify for some financial aid or scholarships. Your conviction may bar you from positions that require confidentiality or security clearance, such as businesses with proprietary elements.

Your professional license

Some professions require that you obtain a license to practice. Nurses, doctors, lawyers and some other professional positions require testing and certification in the state to ensure that you meet the standards set by that profession. A DUI conviction may put that license in danger. Some licensing boards may require a hearing to determine whether you can continue to uphold the standards set by the profession. In some instances, a conviction may find you stripped of your credentials.

A conviction may remain on your record for years and do more damage to your future than you believe. It may help to get a solid understanding of the lingering effects of a DUI conviction.