Benefits of hiring a local attorney for criminal defense

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2020 | Criminal Defense

If you face theft, assault, or drug or alcohol-related charges in Pennsylvania, you may want to consider hiring a local attorney. Relying on legal representation from your own community offers certain advantages over choosing an attorney from a large city-based firm. 

When making this important decision for your defense, review the benefits of retaining a local lawyer to advocate for your interests in court. 

Targeted local knowledge 

A local attorney will have extensive knowledge of the procedural rules in the area courts. He or she will also be familiar with municipal codes and state laws that apply in your case. These factors contribute to an informed defense. 

Community connections 

If your attorney lives and works in the community, he or she likely knows the officer who arrested you, the prosecutor in your jurisdiction and the judge who will hear your case. The lawyer can often use this professional network to your advantage when attempting to settle the charges against you. If your case requires local resources or experts, the attorney will have those contacts on hand. 

Personal convenience

You must work closely with your attorney as you plan your defense. If he or she has an office in another city, traveling to appointments may become tiresome. You can save money and time by choosing a lawyer who works near your home. 

You may be unsure about how to hire a criminal defense lawyer, especially if you or your family member has never faced legal charges before. When evaluating local attorneys, choose someone who listens to your concerns and understands the circumstances surrounding your case.