Are you aware of the full cost of a DUI?

| Aug 15, 2019 | DUI |

Say you are thinking about going out with some friends for a few drinks at a bar in Pennsylvania. Because the bar is not far from where you live, you feel you will be okay to drive yourself there and back. A taxi or rideshare is a waste of money.

 Esurance offers a different take on the matter. Once you understand the full cost of a DUI, you may choose to let someone else handle the driving when you go out to drink, no matter how close you live to the bar.


 You can expect to have to pay a fine for your DUI. That amount is higher if you have previous DUIs on your record. You can add on a towing fee because you most certainly will not be able to drive your car the rest of the way home after police charge you with a DUI.


 DUI offenders often have to complete a treatment program to better ensure they do not drink and drive again. To help with this aim, you have to pay for the program out of your pocket.

 Legal fees

 More than likely, you have to appear in court as a result of your DUI. These appearances cost money, as does the filing of your paperwork. If you opt to have a legal professional handle your case as a way to reduce your overall DUI costs, that assistance comes with a price, as well.

 Insurance rates

 Once your auto insurance company learns of your inebriated brush with the law, they are likely to deem you an insurance risk. As a result, expect a premium increase.

 This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.