Man facing meth charges after traffic stop

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2019 | Drug Crimes

A man who was initially stopped in Indiana County for running a stop sign wound up being charged with operating a meth lab and other serious charges that could land the 30-year-old in prison. In addition to drug crimes, the man is also facing a charge of driving after being suspended for drunk driving.

The case was one in which one thing led to another. When police stopped the man, they discovered that he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest on unrelated charges. They then arrested the man and allegedly located a little marijuana on him. They then searched his car and discovered what they thought was evidence of his having a meth lab in his car.

The man is facing some serious charges in connection with this incident, and he will likely want to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney about his options. Depending on the facts and circumstances of his case, he may have a number of legal defenses available to him.

For instance, when police discover evidence of drug use or, as in this case, drug manufacturing, they will have to be able show that, for every step they took, they had some legal grounds to do so.

If it turns out that they acted in violation of their suspect’s constitutional rights, then prosecutors may not be allowed to use any evidence related to the drugs they found. Effectively, this sinks the government’s case and will likely lead to a dismissal.

Drug charges are serious affairs, and they often raise a number of legal issues that are best handled with the help of a defense attorney with knowledge of how the Indiana County criminal justice system works.