Pennsylvania man faces drug charges

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Drug Charges

An anonymous tip has led to a major drug bust, according to state police. Pennsylvania authorities worked together with the Schuylkill County Drug Task Force to coordinate a search of a private vehicle. They say the search turned up a tremendous amount of illegal drugs, and they arrested the car’s two 19-year-old occupants. The accused are facing severe drug charges that, if they are found guilty, could land them in jail for a long time. 

State Police say they received information about an older-model vehicle that was believed to be carrying drugs. Officers stopped the car on April 12 and initiated a search. It is unclear whether they had a warrant to do so. They say the search revealed the car was carrying one and a half pounds of what officers believe to be the stimulant methamphetamine. The street value of this amount of the drug would total almost $70,000. 

The two 19-year-old men were arrested and charged with various drug-related offenses. This report did not detail those charges, but carrying that amount of an illegal narcotic would qualify them for trafficking charges. Both men have been taken into custody and are now being held in a county prison. Their bail is each set at $75,000. 

In order to fight drug charges of this severity, the two men’s individual legal counsel will need to develop a strong defense despite both men being innocent until proven guilty. Pennsylvania defense attorneys will likely wish to review all pertinent information about the case, from the tip authorities received to the conduct of officers on the scene. There are many ways trained attorneys can work to lower charges of this type or even have some excused altogether. 

Source:, “Tip leads to drug bust in St. Clair; Reading men behind bars“, April 13, 2018