Pennsylvania man accused of drunk driving

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Drunk Driving

A driver suspected of DUI will be facing charges stemming from an accident that injured two police officers in Aliquippa. Pennsylvania State Police responded to the crash, which they believe was precipitated by drunk driving. Charges are still pending against the driver, but police have disqualified weather conditions as a possible contributing factor to the crash. 

The accident report states that, around 9:30 p.m. the night of Feb. 8, two police officers were conducting a traffic stop pertaining to an erratic driver. While they were on the side of the road, their squad car was struck by another driver traveling at what appeared to be high speeds. Witnesses say other police and ambulance services responded quickly to the scene.

Both officers and the driver of the offending vehicle were taken to local hospitals for treatment. The officers have since been released, but the condition of the suspected man, who has not been publicly identified, is not available. If he is formally charged, he will face a court date later in the year. 

Drunk driving charges are not always easy to prove in court. Breath and blood tests do not always provide accurate readings on blood alcohol levels, especially if they are conducted at a later time. This is often true of accident victims suspected of drunk driving who are tested later at a hospital. It will be the responsibility of Pennsylvania authorities to provide compelling evidence confirming the man’s alleged intoxication. His defense team will carefully review the facts of the case to ensure he is granted the presumption of innocence and that his rights remain intact throughout the criminal charge proceedings. 

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “2 Officers Struck By Vehicle In Aliquippa, Driver Also Injured“, Lisa Washington, Feb. 8, 2018