Pennsylvania woman faces drunk driving charges

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Drunk Driving

A woman allegedly seen running a red light could be facing serious charges, according to local sources. Pennsylvania authorities arrested the 35-year-old woman on suspicion of drunk driving. For the moment, charges are pending against her, and her first court date has yet to be announced. 

According to police, on the evening of Jan. 8 the woman was seen operating her vehicle on a main road in downtown Phoenixville. Witnesses told police she seemed to be switching lanes recklessly and driving in an erratic manner. She is said to have stopped briefly at a red light before driving directly through it, which is when police say they gave chase and pulled her over. 

Police say they conducted roadside sobriety testing, which the woman reportedly failed. The woman allegedly confessed to police on the scene that she had been drinking and smoking marijuana prior to getting behind the wheel, and she was arrested. Police conducted a search of her vehicle and said they uncovered numerous pills that have not yet been identified by toxicology. 

In drunk driving cases of this type, it is vitally important for the woman’s criminal defense representation to get an accurate accounting of the events of the evening, including her arrest, as well as access to any blood alcohol testing results the state intends to offer against her as evidence in her trial. Pennsylvania prosecutors are tasked with the burden of proof in these cases. As such, they will be required to provide this information to her defense team in advance of trial. 

Source: Phoenixville, PA Patch, “Woman Charged With DUI After Running Main Street Red Light: Cops“, Justin Heinze, Jan. 17, 2018