Can a DUI conviction alter your college path?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | DUI

You are going to college in Pennsylvania, enjoying this new chapter in your life. As with any other life stage, you will have ups and downs. You will learn a lot and make mistakes, which you will grow from. 

But there are some mistakes that are too costly to make. Ending up with a DUI-related conviction is one of them. A single conviction has the ability to turn your entire life upside-down. 

Financial penalties after a conviction

The College Investor examines the impact of a DUI conviction on your college career. It may surprise you to find out just how many facets of your college stay this can affect. First, it is unusual for a college to expel students for DUI convictions alone. But that does not mean they cannot penalize you in other ways. 

They may revoke scholarships or extra financial support they gave you. They may also prohibit you from living on campus. The lack of financial support and increased housing costs can be enough to force you into leaving. 

A hindrance to your ability to build connections

Your social life and ability to build bridges will suffer, too. With a DUI conviction, you likely will not have the freedom to drive your own vehicle. Public transportation is slow and unreliable. You may miss out on job fairs, interviews and internships because of this. 

Finally, your career path may change. A DUI conviction is enough to bar you from some fields of employment. Examples include childcare, commercial driving and certain areas in the medical field. One mistake in your college days has the potential not only to change your college experience, but the rest of your life thereafter.