Drunk driving charges and your custody rights

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2020 | DUI

When people think about the consequences of a drunk driving case, many focus on the financial penalties, the impact these charges have on one’s career, the possibility of time behind bars and losing driving privileges. However, it is important to recognize the other ways in which DUI charges turn lives upside down. For example, many parents face challenges with respect to their ability to secure custody rights during divorce as a result of a recent DUI.

If you are a parent and are currently going through a divorce or expect to split up with your spouse in the near future, it is especially important to take the right approach to your divorce.

Your reputation as a parent

Unfortunately, for those who are unable to secure a favorable outcome with respect to their drunk driving case, serious damage to their reputation is likely. For example, the court will likely have a less favorable view of their ability to successfully raise children and provide them with a safe environment and the resources they need. Even if these beliefs are baseless and someone was charged with DUI due to a one-off incident, this is the reality of the situation.

Looking into your options

Some people give up when they are facing DUI charges, but there are various options available to many people. In fact, some people who are falsely accused of DUI or whose rights are violated by a law enforcement official are able to secure a much better outcome. Read through our website for more on handling a drunk driving case correctly.