What are the dangers of synthetic drugs?

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2020 | Drug Crimes

There are many supporters of legalizing marijuana across the country. This is largely because this is a plant that does not include any chemicals. The all-natural nature of the drug helps to make it fairly safe for use. You cannot say the same thing about many other drugs that are illegal. One of the most dangerous categories of drugs are synthetic drugs.

Psycom explains that a synthetic drug is man-made. It does not come from nature. Most often synthetic drugs in the United States come from other countries with little to no regulation. This adds to the danger of the drugs because it may contain hazardous ingredients.

The issue with synthetic drugs is that for the most part, they are legal. Lawmakers cannot keep up with the number of these drugs entering the market. As soon as one becomes illegal, there is another one to take its place. So, they enter the country easily. They are also usually very inexpensive, so that only adds to the allure.

Using synthetic drugs is dangerous because they can lead to serious health problems, including brain damage, kidney failure, liver failure and even death. This is true if all types of synthetic drugs, even synthetic marijuana, which you may think is safe since it is marijuana. However, it is nothing like the natural drug. It can lead to serious issues that include paralysis, hallucinations, paranoia and memory loss.

The effect of these drugs can differ for every user and with every use. Just because you have a good experience one time does not mean the next time will also be positive.