Criminal charges may serve as a wake-up call

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2019 | Criminal Defense

You may have concerns about your loved one’s recent actions. Out all night, showing up late to work or school and disconnect from family activities may all point to signs of increasingly risky behavior.

When this behavior crosses into the danger zone, there is a likelihood of police intervention. Criminal charges may stem from anything from driving while under the influence to drug possession. Is there a chance that these charges may create a path to getting clean and sober? While you do not want to see a loved one facing a judge, you may want to consider that this may serve as a wake-up call to stopping dangerous behavior before consequences escalate.

Incarceration as a deterrent 

Getting caught by the police may provide the scary experience a person needs to stop participating in illegal activities. An arrest and booking is not a pleasant experience, especially for young college students and adults who do not cross paths with the law often. Spending the night in jail while awaiting arraignment the next day may prove tough enough for someone to make better choices moving forward.

Court-ordered treatment programs

In Indiana, the law allows for some offenders to mitigate their charges with participation in drug court. The goal of this course of action is to minimize the chances of relapse and recurrence of criminal acts. Those who have one-time declines in judgment, such as possession of a small amount of an illegal substance or a DUI, may benefit from the tools and resources in drug court. A judge rules on the course of treatment the accused must go through. Some examples of a treatment plan include:

  • Counseling
  • Substance abuse classes
  • Check-ins with a court-appointed liaison
  • Random drug or alcohol testing

One of the essential elements of a treatment program is abstaining from drugs and alcohol. Once a judge agrees the treatment program is complete, the court may wipe the criminal charges from the record.

Help for a loved one careening down the wrong path may come unexpectedly. An attorney specializing in this type of infraction may offer more guidance with the process of getting your loved one clean.