What are the DUI levels in Pennsylvania?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Drunk Driving

After a DUI arrest in Pennsylvania, you may find that the court does not treat every DUI case the same. There are multiple categories of DUI and several penalties beneath each category. Your BAC may determine the penalty.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation lists three levels of DUI. For each level, there is a variety of penalties based on the number of offenses. The three categories are:

  • General impairment (.08% to .099%)
  • High BAC (.10% to .159%)
  • Highest BAC (.16% and higher or controlled substances)

No matter the category, convictions with more than one prior DUI offense may carry a penalty of an ignition lock for one year. In addition, after one offense, a person may have to undergo treatment, a 12 to 18-month license suspension. On the first offense, a court may order alcohol highway safety school. At general impairment with no prior offenses, you have a $300 fine, compared to up to $10,000 fine for the highest BAC penalty at two or more DUI offenses.

With no prior DUI offenses, at general impairment, the penalty might be up to six months probation. After one DUI offense, it raises from five days to six months. After two offenses, it becomes 10 days to two years.

When you have a high BAC, the penalty is a 48 hour to 6-month prison sentence with no prior offenses. After one offense, it becomes 30 days to six months. When you have two or more offenses, then you may face 90 days to five years in prison. After three or more, you face one to five years in prison.

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