Protecting your future at college after a criminal charge

by | Dec 14, 2018 | Campus Crimes

College is a fun and exciting time for young people in Pennsylvania, as well as time in which they are under the mounting pressures of having to live, sometimes for the first time, an adult life with adult responsibilities.

Stress and a desire to have fun can prove to be a risky combination for college students, however, especially when one throws in the alcohol and drugs that, even if illegal, are common on and around college campuses.

Many college students may, rightly or wrongly, find themselves on the receiving end of a number of different types of criminal charges. These charges can not only include drug and alcohol offenses properly speaking, but also related offenses such as assault or other crimes that may be enhanced by intoxicating substances.

It may be tempting for a college student to think that a criminal charge is really no big deal and that they can just plead guilty and take the rap, particularly if the charge is for a misdemeanor. However, even what seem like minor offenses can have a huge and far-reaching impact on the ability of a person to work in his or her chosen profession or even remain at the college of his or her choice.

College students who are charged with any crime need a strong advocate at their side as well as an experienced adviser who can help them evaluate their legal options and explore alternatives that will able to keep their lives on a good path despite what may have been a one-time mistake. In this respect, the attorney at our office has spent decades representing college students with a record of successful results.