Anger management problems could result in assault charges

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Assault, Criminal Defense

When you face an argument or upsetting event, your first instinct may be to react harshly. You may make mean comments, storm away or possibly even become physical by breaking objects or having aggressive contact with another person. If so, you could have an anger problem.

Of course, you may first think that everyone gets angry, and just because you get angrier than other people does not mean that you have a problem. However, not realizing that a problem exists is often something that individuals with anger issues experience. You may have even had moments where you wanted to react differently, but your anger got the better of you.

Signs of uncontrolled anger

A number of signs could point to anger management problems. If you have experienced any of the following situations, you may have an issue that needs addressing:

  • You often do not get along with co-workers.
  • You experience anger a considerable amount of the time.
  • Your loved ones or close friends have expressed concern that you have an anger problem.
  • Individuals have distanced themselves from your due to your angry behavior.
  • You often hold grudges and think about getting revenge.
  • You have been kicked out of or banned from public locations.
  • You have the urge to become violent or aggressive when you feel angry.

You may try to write off any of these scenarios as flukes or as people being too sensitive, but in reality, your uncontrolled anger could be upsetting several areas of your life.

Seeking help

Fortunately, certain cognitive-behavioral therapy may help you get your anger under control. You may learn how to recognize unhealthy behaviors and thought patterns and better understand what provokes angry feelings. Professional psychological help may also allow you to determine any psychological triggers of emotional distress and whether your anger may come coupled with another issue, like depression or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Ignoring your problem

If you do have an anger problem and do not seek help, you could wind up facing legal issues. An angry outburst could result in your acting in a violent manner, which could lead to charges of assault. If this happens, you may need a different type of professional help in the form of a Pennsylvania defense attorney. This legal professional could help you determine your best strategies for defending against any allegations brought against you.