Domestic violence convictions have serious consequences

by | Nov 2, 2018 | Campus Crimes

It is no secret that many college students are that point where they either are involved in a serious romantic relationship or want to be so involved. Some college students may even be married at some point in their educational career.

While this is obviously a matter of personal choice, should these relationships sour to the point where physical violence allegedly occurs or gets threatened, the college student accused of perpetrating such violence will faces serious consequences, including charges in the local criminal courts serving Indiana, Pennsylvania.

As is the case in other states, a charge relating to domestic violence can land even a first-time offender in jail and can also subject him to significant fines and strict terms of probation that could well include a protective order and mandatory counseling. These alone should be enough to convince one charged with this type of campus crime to consider seeking the help of an experienced defense attorney.

However, what might be scariest part of a domestic violence charge is the potential collateral consequences of a conviction. By way of example, someone who has been convicted of a crime related to domestic violence, even if it is a first-time misdemeanor offense, is prohibited under federal law from owning a gun.

Perhaps more relevant to a college student, a domestic violence conviction will almost certainly hurt a person’s chances of getting employment in one’s chosen profession, particularly if that profession involves human services, education or working with children. The student may also face repercussion from their school, including expulsion.

For a lot of reasons, a college student who is accused of a crime related to domestic violence will want to evaluate and understand all of her legal options.