8 face drug charges in Pennsylvania

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Drug Charges

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office has announced the arrest of eight people under suspicion of involvement with the drug trade. The Cambria County District Attorney has confirmed that a drug sweep conducted with the support of the Cambria County Drug Task Force resulted in the arrests. The drug charges these individuals face are severe and could result in jail time if they are found guilty.

Very little information is available about the drug sweep, which took place on Aug. 1 in Cambria County. The sweep was prompted by growing concerns about drug trafficking in the area, and was conducted as a joint operation between several county agencies in the area. The eight people arrested, six men and two women all between the ages of 23 and 63, have been publicly identified by police, and their names have been made available to news outlets.

The specific nature of each of the accused individual’s alleged crimes was not commented upon by law enforcement. However, they have confirmed that all eight people were suspected of possessing drugs including heroin, fentanyl, suboxene strips and prescription pills. No information about how the sweep was conducted was released to the public as of this report, so the treatment of the arrests is not clear at this time. However, all eight people have since been arraigned at a county prison in Cambria.

Convictions on drug charges are not always easy to win, as the burden of proof rests on Pennsylvania authorities to prove the formal charges in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. Each individual will be represented during the trial process by a defense attorney. These attorneys will review the facts of the independent cases to determine the best route to building a comprehensive defense against the charges.