College football player charged for drunk driving in Pennsylvania

by | Jul 4, 2018 | Drunk Driving

An out-of-state student is in hot water after being pulled over by police in Neshannock Township. Pennsylvania police say they suspected the student of drunk driving, and arrested him on the spot. He now faces multiple charges that could jeopardize his position on his team and in his school.

According to the limited report, the 18-year-old defensive back, a freshman at a leading university in a neighboring state, was driving in Neshannock earlier in June when he was observed by police. The report does not detail the specifics of any roadside sobriety testing that might have occurred, nor does it mention what caused police to pull him over to begin with. However, based on the charges filed against him, it appears he may have been pulled over for driving erratically with his lights off.

Police later reported that his blood alcohol level registered between .10 and .16. Pennsylvania’s zero tolerance laws prohibit those under the age of 21 from driving with a BAC in excess of .02. He now faces charges including careless driving, disregarding lanes, driving with no rear lights, purchase of alcoholic beverages by a minor and driving under the influence. Although it was not reported, the Ohio State footballer was presumably released from police custody pending further court proceedings. 

Drunk driving charges, especially at such a young age, can have a profoundly negative influence on the accused person. Even though the crime was allegedly committed here in Pennsylvania, a conviction could lead the student to lose any scholarships he might have attained, his position on the football team, and he could even face expulsion. This is why it is so important for him to be represented by experienced defense counsel who can help to build a strong case against these charges and safeguard the student’s future.