Pennsylvania man faces drug charges

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Drug Charges

A preliminary hearing is now underway for a man who has been accused of possessing some $9,000 of what is believed to be illegal narcotics. Pennsylvania authorities arrested the man on drug charges following the execution of a search and seizure warrant on June 7. Pennsylvania State Police coordinated with local authorities and the county District Attorney’s Drug Task Force. The man has been granted a continuance of his hearing after securing private defense representation. 

According to court records, the warrant was executed on the suspected man’s home on June 7 by a number of law enforcement authorities. They say they found some 17 grams of what they believe is the street drug fentanyl as well as heroin. They also seized a further eight grams of what they believe to be methamphetamine as well as over fifty prescription pills and a small amount of what is assumed to be cocaine. Two firearms and just over $1,200 in cash were also confiscated. 

Authorities say the sting operation was the result of an ongoing investigation into the man, who is believed to be a prominent seller of narcotics. He now faces charges including possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance for each of the assumed drugs found on his property. He is currently being held against $300,000 cash bail in a county prison. 

Drug charges of this severity could see the man remanded to a state prison for years if he is found guilty. However, Pennsylvania prosecutors will have to provide compelling evidence for their charges, including a detailed account of their investigation and the man’s arrest. His new defense team will carefully review those accounts to determine whether the search was lawfully executed and whether the man’s rights were respected throughout the process.