Drug charges filed against Pennsylvania man

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Drug Charges

A man from Enola is facing serious charges after he was believed to be involved in a drug deal turned fatal back in April. Local law enforcement in the Pennsylvania community, including vice, drug task forces and street crimes units, took the man into custody on May 31. He now faces drug charges, including drug delivery resulting in death. 

According to the report, the 38-year-old man is believed to have sold a quantity of drugs to another man on April 29. The details of this alleged transaction were not detailed in the report, nor were any details about the supposed victim. Sometime after the transaction is said to have taken place, the buyer administered a dosage of the drugs he allegedly purchased, leading to a drug overdose that proved fatal. The man was found dead in a vehicle in Lower Paxton Township. 

A multi-jurisdictional investigation was launched by several law enforcement agencies, and headed by the office of the Attorney General, under the jurisdiction of the Pennsylvania State Police. The man was taken into custody, apparently without incident, on May 31. He remains in police custody as of this report, being held in a county prison against $750,000 bail. 

Drug charges are taken very seriously by lawmakers in this state. When the man’s preliminary hearing begins in June, he will be represented by a criminal defense attorney whose job it is to carefully review the facts of his case, in order to build a compelling defense against the charges filed. The burden of proof rests with Pennsylvania prosecutors, who will have to provide compelling evidence of the man’s involvement in the alleged drug deal.