Are you concerned that your child is using study drugs?

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Campus Crimes

When your child gained acceptance to the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you could not have been prouder. You helped him or her buy school supplies, pack the necessities and likely even got a bit teary-eyed as you sent your now-grown baby into the world to live on campus. While you understood that this step was a rite of passage and would help your child as an independent person, it was still understandably difficult to let go.

Because your son or daughter always performed well in school and did his or her best to stay focused, you likely did not have much concern that the same attitude would remain present during the college years. Of course, trying to juggle classes, friendships, extracurriculars and other aspects of college life can be overwhelming, and your child may have begun to show signs of struggling.

Concerns for your child

Over time, you may have noticed changes in your child that gave cause for concern. Maybe you noticed him or her acting strangely, posting on social media at all hours of the day and night, and generally seeming constantly busy. While these actions are not always cause for concern, you may have felt uneasy when your child’s attitude changed from telling you how overwhelmed he or she felt to suddenly seemed keyed up and informing you that he or she “has it covered.”

Various red flags could have you wondering whether your child has started using study drugs. This type of issue is prevalent on college campuses across the country, as students obtain prescriptions typically used for the management of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in order to study longer and harder. Of course, without a prescription and doctor supervision, these drugs can cause severe problems.

Enhancers that are not so enhancing

Though these drugs may allow students to think they are helping themselves academically, in reality, the boost to focus the substance gives is insignificant compared to the health risks. An otherwise healthy student could easily suffer issues as severe as heart failure from improperly using Adderall, Ritalin or other similar prescriptions. The risk for stroke also increases.

Another issue, aside from the negative health effects that could occur, relates to the possibility of criminal charges. Your child’s once bright future could suddenly become darkened if he or she faces charges for possession of a controlled substance without a prescription or for distributing prescription drugs.

Fortunately, as your protective instincts kick in, you can take the time to learn more about your child’s criminal defense options in such a situation to determine the best course of action for dealing with serious allegations.