Pennsylvania man hit with Christmas morning drunk driving charges

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Drunk Driving

A man in West Chester was arrested after allegedly fleeing the scene of a car crash on Christmas morning, according to local authorities. Pennsylvania police have charged the man with drunk driving as well as a litany of other charges following the accident. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the crash. The man is set to appear in court soon for a preliminary hearing. 

According to the limited information provided in the report, around 12:30 a.m. on Christmas morning 2017, the 43-year-old man was driving his SUV in a West Chester borough when he apparently struck a parked vehicle. No one was in the vehicle at the time of the collision. The man then reportedly continued to drive after leaving the scene of the crash. 

The man’s vehicle was spotted traveling with damage to its front end, prompting police to be notified. The man was subsequently stopped by officers who conducted a field sobriety test. The man is said to have failed the test, though his blood alcohol level was not mentioned in the report, and it’s unclear whether a breath test was administered. He was charged with drunk driving, as well as related charges. It is unknown if he is still in police custody at this time. 

Drunk driving charges can have long-reaching effects on those charged with this crime. In some cases, it can result in a suspended or revoked driver’s license, or even jail time. Pennsylvania authorities will have to provide compelling evidence that the man was over the legal limit at the time of the crash, but considering roadside sobriety tests can be inaccurate, the man’s defense team will likely incorporate this into a defense against the charges filed against him. 

Source: West Chester, PA Patch, “West Chester Man Gets DUI Charge In Christmas Morning Crash: Cops“, Justin Heinze, Jan. 10, 2018