Are you willing to wait until you’re 70 to clear your criminal record?

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Criminal Defense

Many people plead guilty to criminal charges because they want to move on quickly and put the incident behind them. Unfortunately, many do this without fully understanding the potential consequences of having a criminal charge on their record.

Having a criminal record can disqualify you from educational, career and housing opportunities that can help you start re-building a productive life. If you do not take the necessary precaution of hiring a lawyer, you may have to wait until you are 70 to clear your record.

In some instances you may be eligible for a partial expungement and in other instances you may be entitled to expunge a summary offense if you have maintained a clean record free of arrest for five years. Talk with a lawyer about the specifics of your criminal charge to learn if and how expungement might work for you.

Think you can put an arrest behind you if you plead guilty to ‘make it go away?’
Think again, and call a lawyer to discuss your options for a legal defense and potential expungement.