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Drunk Driving Archives

Pennsylvania man charged with drunk driving

A man in Earl Township is facing serious charges following an accident that killed two people, according to local and state police. Pennsylvania authorities responded to the car accident and have charged the 30-year-old man with vehicular homicide while drunk driving, as well as several other charges. No court date has been announced at this time. The man was arraigned in a local court, but he was unable to pay the $750,000 bail fee and so remains in custody. 

Pennsylvania police chief faces drunk driving charges

A police chief in Camp Hill has been arrested by his own force following an accident officers believe may have been the result of intoxication. The Pennsylvania chief has been charged with drunk driving after an incident on Nov. 5. It is unclear whether he is still in custody, but it has been confirmed that he has been placed on leave during the investigation. 

Pennsylvania woman charged with drunk driving

A woman police believe to be responsible for a two-vehicle crash in Peters Township has been arrested. Pennsylvania authorities apprehended the woman following the accident that left two people seriously injured. She has been charged with drunk driving and is awaiting a trial date, which has not been publicly announced at this time. 

Pennsylvania man faces drunk driving charges

A man police say showed up a day early to vote in an intoxicated state has been taken into custody. The 34-year-old Pennsylvania man was arrested and now faces drunk driving charges. It is unclear whether he is still in police custody, or whether he was released on bail. 

Pennsylvania school director faces drunk driving charges

A member of the Belle Vernon Area School Board is facing potentially career-ending charges following a police stop on Oct. 21. The 78-year-old Pennsylvania man faces drunk driving charges stemming from his arrest on the night in question. As of this report, it is unclear whether he has retained defense representation.

Amish teen faces drunk driving charges in Pennsylvania

A teenaged member of the Amish community is facing serious charges after losing control of his horse-drawn buggy in New Wilmington, according to local sources. Pennsylvania authorities have charged the 19-year-old man with drunk driving after he was pulled over by police under suspicion of intoxication. While this might seem unorthodox, a horse-drawn carriage is still considered a vehicle under state law, and the driver is therefore subject to the laws pertaining to driving a motor vehicle. 

School superintendent faces drunk driving charges

Parents were outraged after a Pennsylvania school board superintendent was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. The drunk driving accusations came on the heels of the superintendent decrying an assistant coach accused of misconduct. He was arrested and charged, but appears to have since been released as he made an appearance at a community meeting several days later. 

Pennsylvania woman facing drunk driving charges

A woman in Kittanning may be in danger of being charged following a traffic stop on Route 66. Pennsylvania State Police reportedly pulled over and arrested the woman on the night of Sept. 14. While they have not yet formally charged the woman with drunk driving, police spokespeople seem confident charges will soon be filed against her. 

Woman in Pennsylvania accused of drunk driving

A 22-year-old woman is facing a number of serious charges after she allegedly struck a group of partygoers on Sept. 5, according to local news sources. Pennsylvania police arrested the woman, who has been charged with drunk driving and aggravated assault. So far no court date has been announced in connection with this case.