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Criminal Defense Archives

How to determine most viable criminal defense option

When a person is arrested and charged with a crime in Pennsylvania, it can take weeks, even months before the situation is fully adjudicated. The criminal justice system is quite complex and challenging to navigate, especially if one insists on acting without legal representation in court. A key to avoiding conviction typically lies in the type of criminal defense presented.

Criminal defense: Woman charged with child endangerment

A woman accused of abandoning her 14-month-old baby outside a bar is now facing charges, according to local sources. A Pennsylvania woman from Hazleton was arrested after police were called about a possible abandoned infant. If she has not done so already, she's likely in the process of securing criminal defense representation. 

Appeals court rules cellphone warrant unconstitutionally broad

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit just ruled that a warrant to search a man's residence for his cellphone or other electronic devices was too broad to be constitutional. This places a firm limitation on so-called "fishing expeditions" by law enforcement.

New law gives hope to those saddled with old convictions

Your drunk driving arrest seems like another lifetime ago, but the consequences continue to haunt you. Maybe you had to switch your college major or drop out altogether because of the institution's code of conduct. Maybe the conviction precluded you from continuing on the employment track you had planned. You may have missed many opportunities in the past decade because of that one mistake.

Are you willing to wait until you're 70 to clear your criminal record?

Many people plead guilty to criminal charges because they want to move on quickly and put the incident behind them. Unfortunately, many do this without fully understanding the potential consequences of having a criminal charge on their record.