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When a traffic stop leads to allegations of impaired driving

Being involved in a traffic stop can be an exceedingly stressful process, and the situation may only become more challenging should additional accusations follow. If an officer accuses you of driving under the influence of alcohol, chances are, you might be uncertain how best to approach the situation.

When a traffic violation involves more than just a monetary fine

If you receive a citation for a serious traffic offense, such as excessive speeding, you might be wondering about the impact it could have on your future. Such an offense could have severe consequences, potentially including the suspension of your license, which can affect your life in numerous ways.

The cost of a DUI can blitz your finances

If you go to your favorite sports bar to watch the Steelers play, you may budget the amount of money you will spend. First, there will be appetizers, snacks and a round of drinks. As the game continues, you may celebrate touchdowns by buying another round, or drown your disappointments with a beer or a shot. A friendly wager may take a few more dollars from your pocket.

High BAC levels could lead to significant criminal penalties

Pennsylvania drivers know that drunk driving comes with a host of serious penalties, but these penalties can be even worse for people who have an excessively high blood alcohol concentration at the time of arrest. Even if it is your first offense, high BAC levels could increase the severity and impact of any penalties you are facing.