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Are you facing charges for reckless driving?

Driving may be one of your passions. Ever since you were young you likely could not wait to get your driver's license, and once you reached that milestone, you may have stayed behind the wheel as often as possible. Of course, your passion may have also led to your testing the limits more often than you should have.

Have you been charged with assault after a bar fight?

Some people just itch for a fight. They seem to find relief from the stress of work or their personal lives only when inflicting force on someone else. You may be one of those people, or you may prefer to peacefully co-exist with those you meet even when they contradict or antagonize you.

Failing these tests can put a damper on your college career

It's no secret that IUP and other Pennsylvania college campuses often include a party scene. If you're of legal drinking age, there's no reason you can't enjoy a few cold ones with friends (provided they are also of legal drinking age) on a weekend or in your free time. After all, you spend most days in class, studying and trying to keep up with your scholastic schedule as you journey toward a college degree. So long as you obey the law, all should be fine.

Is your criminal record eligible for a clean slate?

Whether you're a student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania or have recently graduated college and are planting roots here in Pennsylvania, the last thing you need is a marred criminal record impeding your chances for success. Many people have things in their past they wish they could erase. People make mistakes. Some, perhaps yourself included, have made legal mistakes that resulted in criminal convictions.

Failing to stay on the path could lead to a drunk biking charge

What do you think of when you think of drunk driving? Do you envision someone in a car, SUV or pickup truck? Perhaps you even think about someone on a motorcycle or driving a semitrailer. Your thoughts are correct, but you are missing another land vehicle that could cause you to end up under arrest for DUI -- your bicycle.

Don't underestimate the consequences of shoplifting

While you and your friends may not think of shoplifting as a serious issue, merchants and storeowners in Pennsylvania and across the country lose millions of dollars a year in stolen or intentionally damaged merchandise. Additionally, businesses spend a great deal of their potential profits on theft prevention devices, surveillance cameras and security guards to protect their products. You may also have seen signs in retail establishments warning would-be shoplifters that they prosecute such actions to the fullest extent possible.

When a traffic stop leads to allegations of impaired driving

Being involved in a traffic stop can be an exceedingly stressful process, and the situation may only become more challenging should additional accusations follow. If an officer accuses you of driving under the influence of alcohol, chances are, you might be uncertain how best to approach the situation.

When a traffic violation involves more than just a monetary fine

If you receive a citation for a serious traffic offense, such as excessive speeding, you might be wondering about the impact it could have on your future. Such an offense could have severe consequences, potentially including the suspension of your license, which can affect your life in numerous ways.

The cost of a DUI can blitz your finances

If you go to your favorite sports bar to watch the Steelers play, you may budget the amount of money you will spend. First, there will be appetizers, snacks and a round of drinks. As the game continues, you may celebrate touchdowns by buying another round, or drown your disappointments with a beer or a shot. A friendly wager may take a few more dollars from your pocket.

High BAC levels could lead to significant criminal penalties

Pennsylvania drivers know that drunk driving comes with a host of serious penalties, but these penalties can be even worse for people who have an excessively high blood alcohol concentration at the time of arrest. Even if it is your first offense, high BAC levels could increase the severity and impact of any penalties you are facing.