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December 2017 Archives

How to determine most viable criminal defense option

When a person is arrested and charged with a crime in Pennsylvania, it can take weeks, even months before the situation is fully adjudicated. The criminal justice system is quite complex and challenging to navigate, especially if one insists on acting without legal representation in court. A key to avoiding conviction typically lies in the type of criminal defense presented.

Drunk driving charges filed against Pennsylvania man

A man is in custody after a 20-year-old student was struck by a vehicle, according to local sources. Pennsylvania authorities in Delaware County arrested a 42-year-old man, who now faces drunk driving charges amidst a litany of other charges pertaining to the case. He has been released after posting bail at his Dec. 14 court appearance. Bail had been set at $50,000 with a 10 percent cash provision. 

Pennsylvania man charged with drunk driving

A man in Earl Township is facing serious charges following an accident that killed two people, according to local and state police. Pennsylvania authorities responded to the car accident and have charged the 30-year-old man with vehicular homicide while drunk driving, as well as several other charges. No court date has been announced at this time. The man was arraigned in a local court, but he was unable to pay the $750,000 bail fee and so remains in custody. 

Pennsylvania police chief faces drunk driving charges

A police chief in Camp Hill has been arrested by his own force following an accident officers believe may have been the result of intoxication. The Pennsylvania chief has been charged with drunk driving after an incident on Nov. 5. It is unclear whether he is still in custody, but it has been confirmed that he has been placed on leave during the investigation. 

Don't underestimate the consequences of shoplifting

While you and your friends may not think of shoplifting as a serious issue, merchants and storeowners in Pennsylvania and across the country lose millions of dollars a year in stolen or intentionally damaged merchandise. Additionally, businesses spend a great deal of their potential profits on theft prevention devices, surveillance cameras and security guards to protect their products. You may also have seen signs in retail establishments warning would-be shoplifters that they prosecute such actions to the fullest extent possible.