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November 2017 Archives

Pennsylvania woman charged with drunk driving

A woman police believe to be responsible for a two-vehicle crash in Peters Township has been arrested. Pennsylvania authorities apprehended the woman following the accident that left two people seriously injured. She has been charged with drunk driving and is awaiting a trial date, which has not been publicly announced at this time. 

Pennsylvania man faces drunk driving charges

A man police say showed up a day early to vote in an intoxicated state has been taken into custody. The 34-year-old Pennsylvania man was arrested and now faces drunk driving charges. It is unclear whether he is still in police custody, or whether he was released on bail. 

When a traffic stop leads to allegations of impaired driving

Being involved in a traffic stop can be an exceedingly stressful process, and the situation may only become more challenging should additional accusations follow. If an officer accuses you of driving under the influence of alcohol, chances are, you might be uncertain how best to approach the situation.

When a traffic violation involves more than just a monetary fine

If you receive a citation for a serious traffic offense, such as excessive speeding, you might be wondering about the impact it could have on your future. Such an offense could have severe consequences, potentially including the suspension of your license, which can affect your life in numerous ways.

Pennsylvania man faces drug charges

A man accused of fleeing the scene of a wreck that destroyed his truck has been charged, according to local police. Pennsylvania authorities arrested the man early in the morning of Nov. 5 after his truck caught fire and burned following the crash. Police have charged him with drug charges pertaining to driving under the influence, as well as several other infractions. So far, no court date has been announced.

Pennsylvania school director faces drunk driving charges

A member of the Belle Vernon Area School Board is facing potentially career-ending charges following a police stop on Oct. 21. The 78-year-old Pennsylvania man faces drunk driving charges stemming from his arrest on the night in question. As of this report, it is unclear whether he has retained defense representation.