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Law enforcement doesn’t always get it right. When you are facing an arrest for allegations of drunk driving, assault or any other criminal offense, you will need a strong voice to protect your future. I am attorney Robert Muir. I will speak up and defend your rights.

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A Strong Defense Gives You Options

I get it. Contending with an arrest for suspicion of drug violations, driving under the influence, theft or assault is terrifying. The stakes are high. A conviction could result in steep penalties, including jail time. It can keep you up at night when your reputation, relationships, future opportunities, or your job status are in jeopardy.

Do not give up hope. If you are facing an arrest, contact me right away. The sooner you get an experienced criminal defense attorney in your corner, the greater your options. I will help you understand the law relating to your situation, investigate the circumstances of your arrest and your background, and stand by you every step of the way.

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Robert S. Muir

Robert S. Muir

Where Does Reasonable Doubt Factor In?

Even in cases that seem simple, like public drunkenness or retail theft, it is important to contact a lawyer who will defend your rights. I am Robert S. Muir, and I have been a criminal defense attorney in western Pennsylvania since 1991. My experience spans from straightforward traffic violations and DUIs to complicated white collar and sex crimes charges. I have tried all kinds of criminal cases over my career.

Do Not Try To Face Pennsylvania’s Criminal Justice System On Your Own

You may have seen movies or television shows and think you can build a case in your defense based on internet research. But this is your life and your future at risk. There is no substitute for solid legal advice, counsel and representation from a criminal defense attorney.

When you have a knowledgeable defense attorney at your side, you can sleep at night knowing your rights to due process are being protected. I have seen what happens when law enforcement gets it wrong and oversteps their legal boundaries. When they do, charges could be dropped. This is not your only defense. I will help you explore all of your options, including whether reducing the charges or alternative sentencing is available in your position.

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As your attorney, I work to give you the power to face the future with hope.